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I’m back home from Brussels. Tired, but content. It was such a pleasure meeting all the PostgreSQL people. I did miss the key-signing party though, which is a bit of a pity. I was called in to moderate the talks in the main room, where a track on building systems was scheduled. I feared it would be a bit boring, but the contrary turned out to be the case: the talk on SCons was enlightening. I might actually consider using it on a next project, even though it has a python dependency. Python is becoming standard more and more anyway.

On the PostgreSQL front, i went to a talk by Gabriele Bartolini, one of the driving forces of the italian PostgreSQL users groep. At the back of my mind, the idea of a Dutch PostgreSQL user group has been gestating. I’ve met two other PostgreSQL-ites from Holland during fosdem, and there are probably more. Who knows, I might just try and get them together, and see where things go from there. Gabriele is an inspiring person, whose enthousiasm about PostgreSQL advocacy sparked something in me.

At the end of the day, we elected the first board of the Postgresql EU association! The unofficial results: Magnus Hagander, Gabriele Bartolini, Jean-Paul Argudo and Andreas Scherbaum are the members of this historic board. Originally, only 3 members would be elected, but there was a tie for the third position so it was decided that we would just have four! Congratulations to all. They will now shape the association, no doubt with help from others such as me.

I’m gonna keep this a short post. I’m tired, and have to get up early tomorrow again. Fosdem crew, thanks! PostgreSQL people, thanks! I had a great weekend!

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