HAR2009: day 3

It was quite hot today, but that didn’t stop the tent builders from working hard on the Birthday Tent next to Monty Hall. Today, i have been posting a lot of pictures of the buildup on twitter.

Almost 1 o’clock again, hopefully I can finally sleep in a bit tomorrow. With the KPN being done with the PSTN lines, there is no need to get up at 7AM. That is. That is, if the first volunteers do not show up too early tomorrow morning. They have been asked to arrive after 13:00, but most are very eager.

A quick run-down of the day. Got up early, shoved some sandwiches with chocolate spread in my mouth with milk to wash it down. After reading mail for some 2 hours, Aldert & Mischa arrive and we head into town to get some more supplies and a bit of banking. Upon return, the KPN engineers are basically done with the PSTN lines. Amazingly. Took a few deliveris. Some last corrections to the tent-building plans, and Mischa left for home again.

A surprise visit by Jan and Eelco (build-up coordinator and security lead), who couldn’t wait another day. A quick bite (lovely service :) at the ‘Boerenschuur’, opposite the KPN shack where currently the uplink terminates. Then back to the field. Darkness descends, but that doesn’t stop us from marking out the firelanes on the big camping fields. I have the hard job of sitting behind the wheel of the car, repositioning the lights from time to time. Meanwhile I work on administration a bit.

Tomorrow will be busy, with all the organisation arriving and setting up shop. I expect to be flooded with receipts and expense declarations, luckily I set up my temporary office in the HAR HQ. Must not forget to mark out the path from the entrance to the Jaap vd Lindehoeve, which is where we are.

HAR2009 is finally happening! See you all soon!

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