I’m not particularly fond of flying. I do like being 10km above the surface of the planet, looking down on the clouds and the miniature landscape below. It is just the whole logistics surrounding the experience that puts me off. Okay, checking in can be done on-line nowadays, fortunately. But you still have to drop off your luggage. Then wait some to get through customs. Then wait some more to get through security (I always feel like a criminal when they pat me down). Then some more waiting before boarding. And once you’re in the plane, there is even more waiting until the jet engines kick into full throttle and the actual flying commences.

And these planes aren’t particularly smooth now are they. To quote my uncle, it’s like sitting in the back of an old urban bus ride. The road is a bit bumpy, and the roar of the engine drowns out any conversation. Luckily it also drowns out most of the screaming kids. Oh, and there’s less leg room.

The take-off was nice, following the Dutch coast for a bit before turning and letting the sun push us westwards. I did not get a glimpse of my hometown, Den Haag, as it was obscured by a sudden cluster of dense clouds, but I did get a lovely view of the river delta’s. As I see the little plane on the screen inch its way toward Chicago pixel by pixel, the sun is slowly overtaking us. By the time I arrive in Seattle the yellow ball will already be on its descend into the pacific.

But we aren’t there yet. With a bit of Boards of Canada on the headphones I snooze into a light sleep. It’s 6 in the morning at my destination, better catch up to that rhythm a bit.

For hours, there is only water and clouds. But eventually, dry land again. At first some hesitant protuberances that break out from the vast ocean. This must be north-east Canada. Pixel by pixel, we move further inland. More land, less water. The white from the clouds offset against the white from what I can only surmise is snow.

Slowly but steadily land wins over water, as the ratio changes in favor of the former. Barren however. No sight of human settlement, but for a scarce regularity that suggests human intervention. I marvel at earth’s beauty. There must be at least hundreds, if not thousands of lakes and interconnecting rivers.

America does not seem to be intend on revealing itself to me though, as for the next hours a plane of clouds obscure my view. Only 30 minutes before landing, i catch my first glimpse of the US of A. The shore of a lake. Despite the delay, it looks like i am going to catch the subsequent flight that will bring me into Seattle. With even a bit of time to spare to see if there is any wifi. I guess it is about time I ssh home to retrieve my vpn credentials.

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  1. Fish_ Says:

    Have fun man! Enjoy the trip and say all the friends hi!


  2. zkyp Says:

    I am jealous! Make sure to make lots of pictures :)

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